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Brazil Nossa Senhora De Fatima O|FT|SG

Brazil Nossa Senhora de Fatima O|FT|SG


The cup is creamy smooth with a dark chocolate note.


Optional Airtight Packing

One way valve bags. Once sealed, only allow CO2 and O2 to escape the package through a one way valve, effectively purging almost all of the O2


The Nossa Senhora de Fatima farm is owned by Ricardo de Aguiar Resende and his wife, Gisele, both of whom are 3rd generation coffee producers. They live on the farm, located in the Minas Gerais region, at an altitude of 3200 feet and are very dedicated to their work. They have developed and implemented several social projects, including housing for workers, the building of a school, and an education program for the workerís children. The farm consists of 395 hectares, of which 235 are planted with coffee. Environmental protection and preservation are a priority for Ricardo and Gisele. They have invested in replanting native trees, taking care of the native flora and fauna, and the development of a reforestation process for shade trees. To improve the quality of the beans, the owners have created organic compost fertilizers and are using micro-organisms from the farm to enhance and to feed the trees. The coffee is comprised of Bourbon, Catuai, Mundo Novo and Acai varietals which are natural processed, sun dried on patios. The cup is creamy smooth with a dark chocolate note.

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