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Cascadia SWP,O,FT,SG

Cascadia SWP,O,FT,SG


Look for herbal notes and dark chocolate.


Optional Airtight Packing

One way valve bags. Once sealed, only allow CO2 and O2 to escape the package through a one way valve, effectively purging almost all of the O2


This is a blend created by the Swiss Water people and is comprised of ethically-sourced, certified organic coffees from the most reputable cooperatives in Latin America, Indonesia and Africa are brought together in a United Nations of coffee harmony, producing a big-bodied sweet cup.
Brewing Cascadia Blend? Look for herbal notes and dark chocolate.

Using Cascadia Blend as FTO espresso? You get citrus and cherry, plus those herbal notes again, as well as a bonus treacle-like mouthfeel. This marvel performs just as well as a straight shot as it does in a large latte.

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