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Nicaragua La Sajonia Estate SG


The cup has a creamy full body, with notes of almond and dark chocolate.


Optional Airtight Packing

One way valve bags. Once sealed, only allow CO2 and O2 to escape the package through a one way valve, effectively purging almost all of the O2


The La Sajonia Estate was established by the Ortiz and Baltodano families in Nicaragua as a step towards re-establishing agricultural production in post Sandinista Nicaragua. This initial investment has allowed the estate to build nurseries for rust-resistant root stock, install processing infrasturcture, and provide the coffee-growing community with well-paid jobs, training, housing, schools and clinics. The philosophy behind this investment is to reap the benefits of professional management, a contented workforce, and improve the enviroment while producing quality coffee. The estate has taken steps to be more environmentally friendly, including recycling processing byproducts into alcohol as opposed to dumping them in the local waterways. Located in the Matagalpa – Jinotega region of Nicaragua, these Caturra, Catimor varietals are grown at an altitude of 4800 feet, wet processed, sun dried on patios and harvested from November to March.

The cup has a creamy full body, with notes of almond and dark chocolate.

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