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Nicaragua Selva Negra Estate SG


The cup is full body, nice acidity with notes of almond and cocoa.


Optional Airtight Packing

One way valve bags. Once sealed, only allow CO2 and O2 to escape the package through a one way valve, effectively purging almost all of the O2


The Selva Negra Estate Coffee is located in the highlands of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Owners and operators, Eddy and Mausi Kuhl, are continually improving their processes and searching for the most ecological means of producing their coffee in addition to improving the quality of life for all who live there. They live on the farm and assure that it is a wonderful place that you have to see to believe. They were awarded the SCAA Sustainability Award in 2007. Aside from being a model for sustainable farms in the area, they have also been recognized for the excellent cupping characteristics of their high quality coffee. As a result they recently received a Q Auction rating and the Rainforest Alliance Cupping for Quality award. Grown at an altitude of 3660 feet, this coffee is comprised of Bourbon, Caturra and Catuai varietals. The beans are wet processed, then patio sun-dried.

The cup is full body, nice acidity with notes of almond and cocoa.

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