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Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea Organic

Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea Organic
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Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea Organic
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Cascara – Costa Rica - Finca Santa Lucia

Produced in a dedicated facility, this Costa Rican Cascara is Certified Organic, European Organic, USDA-NOP and JAS.

The flavours found in Cascara are as expected, “fruity tasting”.  Notes include cherry, raspberry, raisin, orange, honey and hibiscus. If you need a Tea reference, it is comparable to a green tea or herbal tea mouthfeel and aftertaste.

Cascara, (Spanish for ‘shell or husk’) is the dried skin of coffee cherries.  Often referred to as Coffee Cherry Tea, Cascara is neither Tea nor Coffee if we are being literal.  Coffee is made from the dried stones/pits/beans of the coffee cherry, tea is made from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis Plant.  Technically, Cascara could be called Herbal Tea, a Tisane, or a fruit infusion. Whatever you chose to call it, Cascara is definitely worth adding to your Coffee lifestyle.

Once the coffee beans are removed and the cherries pulped, the producer is left with the cherry skins (that would have been used as compost or discarded).   Cascara is produced by washing the Cherry Skins, heating them for food safety and then dehydrating them.  Cascara can be used to create magnificent hot or cold infused beverages/cocktails or on its own as a refreshing cup of “Coffee Cherry Tea”.  

 Why is Dark City Coffee carrying Cascara if it’s not Coffee?

There are several reasons we have chosen to add Cascara to our offerings.
- We firmly believe in livable wages for people at every stage of Coffee Production. Cascara offers farmers, processors, distributors and retailers another potential product/income stream. 
- Cascara allows more of the coffee plant to be used, reducing waste and increasing the profitability of the crop.
- There may be digestive and antioxidant benefits from consuming brewed/steeped Cascara.
- It has caffeine, lower concentrations than coffee, but it’s there.
- It tastes great hot or cold and we drink it ourselves!

Brewing Suggestions:

Hot Cascara

  1. Boil your water and bring it off the heat (between 93-95 °C).
  2. Start with approximately 18g of cascara to 250g of water and adjust to your taste.
  3. Place the Cascara (whole or crushed) in a reusable (or biodegradable) tea bag.
  4. Steep for 2-4 minutes depending on taste preference
  5. Remove the teabag and enjoy.


Cold Cascara

  1. Add 35g of Cascara for each 250g of water to any container with lid (we recommend a French Press).
  2. Place the container in the fridge overnight (or up to 24 hours if you have the patience).
  3. Pour the “Tea” through a strainer, plunge the French Press, or leave the pulp in the drink for appearance, and serve over ice.