Dark City Coffee Corp.
Order Line: 416-282-2307

Our operation is low tech, processing all orders by hand from start to finish. There is no fancy computerized equipment roasting your coffee at the push of a button,

just a guy who knows coffee, an antique roaster, and his skill using it.

The result is a hand crafted, custom roasted pound of coffee unlike any you’ve tried before.

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If you are not in full agreement after tasting a cup of our coffee, we will replace it with another selection, or refund your money, no problem.

Our reputation is our guarantee and only form of advertising.


Hi David,

There is no such thing as strong coffee, just weak people.

At the Canadian and Colorado Outward Bound School we understood that good coffee was the life’s blood of any expedition, whether it was running the river, ascending a high pass or dropping into a smoldering canyon.  The anticipation of good coffee was the reason to crawl into my sleeping bag at night and the motivation to get up in the morning. Coffee was slow perspective that solved problems, a flipped raft, a misread map, a day that went sideways, and the only answer to frozen boots in an August snowstorm in the Yukon snowstorm.

I am evangelical about Dark City Coffee because coffee matters and in a culture where America runs on Dunkins’ and too many Canadians think that the appearance on the outside of a package is enough to mask the mediocrity within, it is time to spread the coffee love.

Regards, Rory Gilfillan

Hi David,

First let me say Thank you for the amazing Premier Customer Services. You and Jully always make me feel like your #1 client. I know this because the people I’ve recommend has shared with me your stellar customer services.  You don’t rush people who are new to this process of purchasing coffee beans for the very first time.

Second, wealth of knowledge re: coffee is astounding.  Which allows to you make great recommendations on what people should buy.  Furthermore, the coffee beans a roasted to peoples perfect whether you like light, med or bold.  The beans say super fresh for such a long period of time.

Lastly, everyone on your team is lovely to connect with.  Jully interpersonal skills lovely as she too has great knowledge and takes the time to share her favorite beans as well.

Thank you so much for amazing coffee, but better than that, amazing service.

Warmest Regards,
Dalia René

Holy creep, your bean is so fresh and perfect roast. I never bought such fresh beans in here. Hand writing on the bean bag looks so respectful, and there is even notes inside of bag to talk about how to stroage beans. I have long time not to see my pour-over style coffee can foaming/bubble very well, becasue the bean I bought from other roaster isn’t that fresh. Even though I received from the 2nd day after they roasted. Satisfy 10/10. By the way, please ignore my broken grammar, I am way to exciting about fresh high quantily beans I received today.

Roy Zhu

Hi, David.

I just wanted to say thank you for the beans today. I ordered the beans yesterday hoping to get them by tomorrow afternoon because we are getting to together with a good friend of ours who is going back to Japan on the 31st. Of course this is a person who knows what good coffee tastes like.

My partner happened to find the beans today and we were so happy. We had a not so great day after we had our usual coffee break in the afternoon. But since we got fresh beans from you today, we had another cup(Blue Mountain) after that just to relax and calm ourselves down. It was so amazing.

Your beans make our everyday so good no matter how tough the day is. Thank you so much. Good night.


Yuki Yamakawa

How to order

You can order online, right here, on our website or, simply pick up the phone and give us a call. Before you know it, it’s at your door.

Our phone number is 416-282-2307.

We need your full name and number, type of straight or blend you want, roast preference (if applicable), type of grind, if required.

We are at our shop Monday through Thursday and most weeks on Sunday. We work until all orders are roasted and out the door for delivery next day, so it’s not regular hours. That said, we are usually at our shop from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm and if you would like to come visit or pick up your coffee, please confirm a time with us, prior to arriving.

If you wish to pick up your order, you must order by phone and there is no delivery fee.

On our roasting days, we stop roasting and processing orders at 12:00 pm and all orders after that, get roasted the following day. For example, if you order at 12:15 pm on Thursday, your order will be roasted on the following Monday, our next earliest roasting day.