When you don’t have space for a separate grinder, a simple coffee-making option may be a coffee maker with its own grinder. You get the best of both worlds in one package and saved space on your kitchen counter. The best built in grinder coffee maker also saves you time and effort in manually grinding coffee beans. A single coffee maker with a built-in grinder offers convenience and gives you a cup of coffee with a push of a button.

What Should You Look For in Built-in Grinder Coffee Makers

Different brew settings. Your coffee maker needs to have at least two brew settings for you to enjoy a variety of coffee experience. The one that offers maximum flavor has mild, medium, and strong brew settings. Be keen on that feature before buying one.
Various grinder options. Your coffee maker should have at least three grind options to grind coffee beans. The best built in grinder coffee makers have options that range from coarse grind to very fine grind selections.
“Keep warm” feature and “AutoStart” feature. Do not overlook these features when buying a coffee maker because convenience makes a lot of difference. Because you are investing in something you will be using almost every day, you need to double-check such features.
Thermal or Glass Carafe or Flask. A coffee maker with a thermal carafe or flask will keep your brew hot for longer but note that it is more expensive compared to a glass flask. A glass flask is also lovely to look at and easier to clean. Both have their specific features, and it’s all up to your choice.

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Advantages of a Coffee Maker With Built-In Grinder

Convenience in operation. The best built in grinder coffee maker has burr grinders, which offers fresh grounds in uniform size and eventually give you a richer and more flavorful brew. Because they can be programmable, the machine automatically gets the job done with your preferred brew idea.
Control over your preference. This machine allows you to have more control over your cup of brewed coffee. When you need to go with a finer grind, you can easily do that with a coffee maker with a built-in grinder if you prefer stronger flavors.
You get fresher tasting coffee. Without a separate grinder, it is the best solution to brew fresh coffee right on your kitchen counter that saves your time. Grinding the beans right before putting them in the coffee machine also helps achieve that flavorful coffee.
Energy-saving. Using this type of coffee maker lets you save on electricity because of its automatic shut off feature. It also gives you a relaxed feeling knowing that your machine will automatically shut off by itself soon as your coffee is ready.
Let’s you set the amount of coffee. You get the convenience of setting your desired amount of cups by using your coffee maker with a built-in grinder. You can measure the number of coffee cups that you want to brew using its brew-pause button. That way, you get to serve coffee without leftovers or waste.


If you are looking for a coffee maker that combines the ease of grinding and brewing in one single machine, a built in grinder coffee maker will suit your needs. It lets you experience a convenient coffee-making process, aside from literally saving countertop space in your kitchen. This type of coffee maker has advanced features that will allow you to produce that great-tasting coffee with minimal hassle. It only takes one push button to have your daily dose of excellent coffee.


Opinions and Article by Earl of Coffee