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Colombia Supremo SWP decaf

Colombia Supremo SWP decaf
Colombia Supremo SWP decaf
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Colombia is credited with one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever and subsequently has made Colombia synonymous with coffee. Most of what’s being sold on the market is average at best, since Supremos are usually pooled from many farms in the region, the resulting cup suffers from the effect of the “lowest common denominator” and that’s if it is fresh roasted. Growing regions to look for are Popayan, Huila, Antioquia, Armenia, Santander, Bucaramanga, and Magdelena.
The best grade is Supremo, followed by Excelso, which refers to the bean size only.

It has a full open aroma, light body and balanced acidity. There is a sweet caramel-like body with gentle winey to fruity acidic notes.

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