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Ethiopia Queen City Harrar

Ethiopia Queen City Harrar
Ethiopia Queen City Harrar
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Our Ethiopian Harrar “Queen City” brand has been developed in partnership with our supplier of Harrar coffee, Abdirashid Abdullahi, of Nine Brothers; he is actually the nephew of Mohamed Abdullah Ogsadey, of the famed “MAO Horse” brand. The key feature here is the initial grades of coffee that go into the brand, along with the final cleaning, preparation, and defect removal processes. Most exporters selling “Grade 4 Harrar” will purchase a blend of high and low grade coffees, from both East and West Harrar, and do only a minimal cleaning to remove foreign matter like sticks and rocks. This is not the case with “Queen City”. Only the top 3 grade categories from East Harrar available in the ECX auction are initially purchased. After blending, the coffee then undergoes an intensive hand-sorting procedure that removes up to 25% of the beans as defective in order to ensure a preparation that is superior to any other coffee you will find from the Harrar region. Grown at 5500 feet, this Abidir varietal is natural processed and sun dried on raised beds.

This coffee displays a smooth dark chocolate beginning with hints of raspberry, strawberry and blackberry. It is complimented by a well balanced body with a mildly earthy finish.

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