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Frequently Asked Questions

There are 2 considerations for answering this question, are they whole beans or ground coffee.

Technical data shows that whole beans loose half their freshness in 7-10 days. That said, with proper storage, that can be extended to months.
Ground coffee will loose half its freshness in 3-5 days unless careful storage steps are taken.
  1. Buy fresh, whole beans. Check the ‘roasted on’ date to see how freshly roasted the beans are. Drinking coffee that was roasted the same day is the ultimate coffee experience!
  2. Invest in an airtight container(link to our Evak storage jar). As soon as you open your coffee bag, transfer the beans into the sealed container. Our resealable one way valve bag is also a suitable storage container. Then, store the container in a dark, cool cabinet. According to the National Coffee Association, coffee beans (and grounds) can stay fresh longer if they’re stored properly at room temperature. The storage environment is of the utmost importance because exposure to light and heat will cause the coffee to lose its freshness. If necessary, coffee can be frozen in an airtight container to extend its shelf life. As needed, remove a few days worth of coffee, reseal the container and return to the freezer as quickly as possible in order to avoid condensation.
  3. Invest in a high-quality coffee grinder(link to our Boded grinder). You won’t need to grind beans at the store. Instead you can grind your beans at home on a per-use basis. Fresh grounds = fresh coffee.
  4. Measure out your beans before putting them in the grinder. Never use your grinder to store coffee. Keep those beans stored separately. That way they’ll be fresh when you grind them!
  5. To guarantee maximum freshness, consume your beans within two weeks after opening the original packaging. If you store ground coffee in a sealed airtight container, it should stay fresh for up to a month.

Ultimately, that is subject to the individuals taste. However, there are ways of answering that question objectively. Many coffee drinkers consider the most expensive coffees to be the best. Those would include Kopi Luak, Jamaica Blue Mountain, Hawaiian Kona and Yemen. Some coffee drinkers think the most popular coffee must be the best. You can find those coffees on our landing page under Best Sellers. Your Dark City Coffee team agree that natural processed coffees from Ethiopia are our favourites.

That information is updated with every order placed through our website and found on the home page under Best Sellers.

If you want to preserve all the essence of the coffee (including all the oils and some particulate, then a French Press or manual Pour Over with a metal filter (link to our Hario, Kona and Bodum merchandise). With paper filters, you loose some of the oils which hold the flavour of the coffee.

This is a subjective choice and depends on how strong you like your coffee. That said,  1 tablespoon for 8 ounces of water is a good starting point and most coffee drinkers like it that way.