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We are constantly adding new locations to our list of places you can find Dark City Coffee. If you know a place that could use better coffee, feel free to let them in on your Dark City Secret, we’d be pleased to help them see the light.

If you want to give yourself to the Dark Side and start serving and selling Dark City coffee, check out our wholesale
link to: If you are interested in bringing better coffee to your clients, Dark City is the solution! From office coffee that your team will love to creating an entire coffee profile for your business, we do it all.. Speak with a Dark City representative and let us work with you to elevate your coffee experience. Our experience and selection is unparalleled and will allow you to offer a coffee selection that is as unique as your business.

Our wholesale pricing is based on purchasing in 5 pound bags. We will, however, price decaffeinated coffee, at wholesale, even if only a single pound is ordered. Most of our blends and origins wholesale for $12 to $14. Please contact for a quote, based on your specific selections and samples.

For most of Toronto, downtown, delivery is free when you buy 10 or more pounds. If your order is under 10 pounds, a $5 delivery fee is added. If you are outside our driver’s delivery area, we can ship via Purolator and it costs approximately $1 per pound.

If you are in our driver’s delivery area, we roast twice a week, for you, on Mondays and Thursdays. You will receive delivery the following day provided your order is placed by 9:00 am on our roast days. If you are receiving your coffee via Purolator, we roast Monday thru Thursday, for you and Purolator guarantees next day delivery.





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