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Guatemala Nahuala O FT SG FEM

Guatemala Nahuala O FT SG FEM
Guatemala Nahuala O FT SG FEM
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Café Femenino Coffee is a first-of-its-kind women-led specialty coffee brand. The coffee is grown exclusively on farms owned and operated by women. When you choose Café Femenino, you choose a brand that provides direct compensation, leadership opportunities and ownership rights to women coffee farmers.

Farmed on the southeastern ridges of the San Pedro Volcano, at an altitude of 4900 feet, this bean has been allowed to develop naturally among the natural vegetation of the region. These beans are cultivated under the Café Femenino program, which is purposed at enriching the lives of women and families in the coffee-producing communities throughout the world. Harvested from September to January, the beans are wet processed and sun dried.

The cup is medium bodied, good acidity with tastes of chocolate, almond and walnut.

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