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Tanzania Lyamungo Peaberry

Tanzania Lyamungo Peaberry
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Tanzania Lyamungo Peaberry
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Located in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, Lyamungo is one of four farms that make up the Africa Plantation Kilimanjaro estate. The estate is owned by Alejandro Galante, a coffee farmer from Antioquia, Colombia, with each farm managed individually. 95% of APK’s production is washed, though recent experimentation has led to more honey and natural processing occuring. Drying is done on raised beds, where APK employees carefully monitor the moisture level of each lot to ensure even drying. This mainly Bourbon varietal is grown at an elevation of 3900 feet, harvested in October, fully washed and dried on raised beds.

The cup has good acidity, body, and sweetness with tastes of apricot, caramel, raspberry and tangerine.

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