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Jamaica Blue Mountain Clifton Mount Estate

Jamaica Blue Mountain Clifton Mount Estate
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Jamaica Blue Mountain Clifton Mount Estate
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Clifton Mount Estate is the oldest active coffee plantation in Jamaica and the largest exporter on the island, located on the eastern slopes of Mont-Sainte-Catherine at an altitude of 5,000 feet. Clifton Mount has produced coffee beans of rare quality and aroma since the 1790s.

Owned and operated by the Sharp Family since 1977, Clifton Mount Estate is fully integrated, with all aspects of processing handled internally. Quality is expertly controlled at every step of production. The farm is aligned to an ecological and bird friendly philosophy and takes pride in excellent community and labor relations.

To minimize water consumption, a state of the art coffee pulpery was installed on the property. The farm also uses a recycling water system as well as vermiculture methodology for pulp decomposition

Its coffee welcomes you with a whiff of chocolate and flowers. It has a rich taste and is round in the mouth, so well balanced that even those of us accustomed to adulterating our coffee with sugar or milk will find that this coffee is extremely smooth when drunk black.

Aroma lively and rather limited: caramel and milk chocolate. In the cup soft, delicate, rather thin and lean, with a pleasant nutty and dry chocolate character. Unexpectedly, the finish extends wonderfully well, rich and chocolaty.

The cup begins with a floral, chocolate, caramel aroma and is silky smooth, balanced with notes of almond and chocolate.

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