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Locked away in the Dark City VIP Vault is the largest selection of single origin coffees and blends you are likely to find on this side of the internet.  Interested in breaking into The Vault?  All you need is a key, and we’ll trade you a key for your email address. It’s that simple, join our newsletter and you can access and order coffees from our vault.  Sure we’d love to send you a newsletter from time to time letting you know what’s new at Dark City and topics that we find interesting (of course we’ll ask you first). If you love coffee you need to break into The Vault.
Have you ever wondered how coffee is roasted? Who roasted your coffee? Dark City Coffee Company is open to the public. At Dark City we only roast coffee that has been ordered, meaning there is no coffee sitting around going stale. You can visit us while we are roasting and ask us questions, we’re happy to talk coffee.  If you have some time to hang out , you can get a tour, order on the spot and actually watch your order being roasted.  If you are in the area, why not order your coffee for pick-up instead of delivery, we’d love to meet you!  
Are you looking for the ultimate gift for a coffee lover or can’t decide which coffee to try next? Let us decide for you! We are just as adventurous as you are and always searching for our next favourite coffee. Dark City Coffee is pleased to introduce a new coffee subscription service with a twist. We will choose the coffee, we will roast the coffee, we will send you the coffee, you will cup the coffee and let the world know what you taste.  Get ready to GO CUP YOURSELF! Visit for details and to subscribe.