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Brazil Natural Machado Estate

Brazil Natural Legender Especial Peaberry


The cup is cherry, milk chocolate and orange.


Optional Airtight Packing

One way valve bags. Once sealed, only allow CO2 and O2 to escape the package through a one way valve, effectively purging almost all of the O2


Legender Especial is a blend of coffees grown in the unique micro-regions of Machado, Poco Fundo and Campestre, located in Minas Gerais State, Brazil. Most coffee regions in Brazil are well known for large coffee plantations in big farms. Legender Especial goes in the opposite direction, consisting of small farms called sitios. All lots are purchased directly from growers committed to quality and willing to provide detailed information about their sitios, harvesting methods, drying techniques and other relevant information about their coffee.

The cup is cherry, milk chocolate and orange.

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