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In your search for the ultimate coffee, you’ve stumbled into one of the internet’s best kept secret rooms. For decades the existence of The Dark City Coffee Vault has been shared by coffee connoisseur to the coffee curious through word of mouth alone.

Here you will find largest selection of origins, rare coffees, micro-lots and estate offerings available to the public. Any coffee you find in the Vault can be ordered green for home roasters or custom roasted to your taste in our antique sample roaster.
Search The Dark City Coffee Vault for your go to coffee, an origin you’ve yet to try or find the perfect gift someone who has “tried everything”. Our offerings are constantly evolving as we expand our coffee experience, check back regularly to see what discoveries await you.
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  • Access to an Incredible Selection of Single Origin and Coffee Blends

    Entering the Vault will give you an unparalleled selection of single origin coffees from around the world  as well as exclusive coffee blends and limited offerings – not normally available to the public

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    Early access to our new single origin offerings and seasonal blends. Promotional selections and combinations packs that will expand your coffee palate

  • Discounts on Shipping and Access to Wholesale Pricing:

    In our vault you will find shipping discounts on orders over $50 as well as access to wholesale pricing on orders of 5lb or more of most blends and single origins (some conditions apply)